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Four Leadership Development Solutions

To help you achieve High Commitment plus High Performance


Build Leadership Capabilities

When your leaders are self-aware, responsible and accountable for expressing their natural Attraction Powers, and know how to manage their innate Repellent Forces, they will only then consistently execute your organization’s leadership competencies, coaching practices, and performance management mandates.


Understand How I Naturally Lead

The Leadership Attraction Profile identifies how you underuse, overuse, or appropriately use your six innate Leadership Attraction Powers. It also spots gaps between how you and others perceive you. The results will help you compare yourself to great leaders and choose the levels of expression you need to adjust in order to improve the way you lead.

Develop Leaders-as-Coaches

If poor coaching is restricting the potential of your people and compromising performance, let us help your managers coach better. Effective coaching will sharpen a culture of High Commitment and realize results of High Performance, creating a workplace where everyone profits—leaders, employees, even customers.

Get My Team Better Aligned

By converting your teams from clunkity-clunk jalopies to well aligned, high performing, and engaged teams, you too can achieve measurable results of 300% improvement in teamwork. In any organization, productive work is accomplished by teams of people and can serve as the critical asset to business performance.

Don’t take our word for it.
Read what our clients have to say:

  • Helanie, and her company, deliver some of the best communications and interpersonal behavior training and coaching I’ve had the opportunity to see in over 20 years of military and civilian leadership. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Helanie to continue providing me with innovative training and coaching solutions.
    Chief Security Officer at Providence Health & Services
  • Working in corporate environments and one-on-one with executive leaders, Helanie’s coaching and guidance have proved successful for many of the women she has met through the years, including myself being recently appointed as Managing Director. Helanie has made a positive impact on the professional advancement of women. She believes the ‘glass ceiling’ still exists and is determined to help women break it.
    Managing Director OPI
  • As a workshop leader for us Helanie received rave reviews and created a buzz that generated numerous follow up requests to share her expertise and enthusiasm with our leader’s employee teams. By presenting her insights on coaching methodologies and courageous communication she opened the door to a new way of looking at things for our leaders. Helanie is solid at capturing the audience with entertaining and actionable messaging, she inspired our leadership team to continue their focus on leading a high performance culture. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to continue leveraging her talent to drive positive leadership behavior in our organization.

    HR Director at Ericsson

We stay current and address the comprehensive global forces that are reshaping the:


VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain,
Complex, Ambiguous


Distractions, interruptions, and
multitasking reduce productivity


Diverse, overwhelmed employees
crave meaningful experiences


Always on! Virtual, collaborative, and in
need of simplification and focus

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